Sunday, March 31, 2013

Why an all-white kitchen décor is still popular

Imagine a classic kitchen, all white and off-white, with sunlight streaming through the window. There is a gleaming white marble tabletop, all the cabinets look bright and spotless, and the walls finished in a rich cream? Doesn’t that appeal to your senses? 

Why choose white?

·         Goodbye cherry wood
An interior designer notes, “Color palettes are moving away from dark and paneled to light to medium with regard to finishes and veneers.” This is the current trend.

·         Mixing Finishes
A collected eclectic look is the fashion now. Designers are combining unexpected materials and finishes, yet retaining that classic look. 

White need not be drab!

Nowadays the tendency is towards an all-white finish with little touches of dark colored accents. This creates interesting focus points, while retaining the white look. All-white kitchens need not look retro.An all-white finish tends to visually expand space so that your small kitchen looks larger. Here are some design ideas which can make an all-white kitchen look more attractive.

·         Metals
Both stainless steel and polished chrome are very popular, as part of kitchen décor.

·         Tiles

White tiles have usually been the traditional choice for backsplashes; however, there seems to be a trend towards more colorful tiles.

·         Off whites as neutrals

Whites and off-whites remain some of the most popular color schemes for kitchens. These combinations can be warm and welcoming and not impersonal.

·         Pop of color

Small pops of color can add interesting touches in otherwise muted color schemes.

·         Patterns

Wallpapers can add interesting and playful patterns to the eating area or an accent wall.

Here are some inspirations for you to be more accustomed with the idea.

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